Hazy Honey Badgerz

Hazy Honey Badgerz is a non-fungible token on the Solana Blockchain. The collection consists of 2,222 unique NFTs that will be available to mint on March 1st, 2022 at 5 p.m. UTC, on https://monkelabs.io/. We worked together with the artist to design the unique traits that each Hazy Honey Badger possesses and to ensure premium quality for our future Hazy Honey Badgerz. The main goal for the Hazy Honey Badgerz Project is to build a like-minded community that believes in Solana and wants to build their personal investment portfolio around the Solana Blockchain as the world slowly moves into the development of Web 3.0. Holding a Hazy Honey Badger NFT will act as an access pass to the various utilities this project will offer.