Holding a Hazy Honey Badgerz non-fungible token will act as an exclusive access pass and provide a variety of benefits. Some of the benefits that are included:

  • Weekly Poker Games

    • Holding a Hazy Honey Badger will act as an access pass to private poker games and discounted buy-ins for public matches

    • As we move in the direction of Web 3.0, some poker games and tournaments will be expected to be played in the metaverse

  • We have acquired a Portals Vision Pass to host social events

    • Meet-ups, presentations, and poker tournaments will be held here

  • Automatic and/or chances for whitelist spots for future projects

⭐️ All and only verified Hazy Honey Badgerz will have the ability to join the whitelist for the up-and-coming “Lips Collection'' which is a 4,444 NFT collection that will be launched on the Solana Blockchain. Mint price for Hazy Honey Badger holders will be .25 SOL

  • We have partnered with Nuclear Printing (Apparel & Clothing Company) to deliver premium quality merchandise that will only be available for Hazy Honey Badger holders 

  • Apart from the General chat on Discord, there will be a verified holder chat to discuss the future of the project

  • Verified holders will be a part of various chats on Discord which include all things crypto, NFTs, real estate, sport betting, gambling and stock market chats

  • Holders will be invited to attend either online motivational, financial, or real-estate presentation events that will be held through our Portals Vision Pass, Zoom, Google Hangout, or Discord

  • Access to meet-ups in the real world in Miami, FL (Boating Days), Las Vegas (Track Days), NYC, and Colorado. Other locations are in the mix and events will be decided as a community in the future




Funds Raised from Mint


As the world moves into the direction and development of Web 3.0, we as a community do not want to be left behind. Verified Holders will discuss and vote on how we should adapt to the metaverse. That could be in forms of using assets and raising funds as a community to purchase land either in the Sandbox or Decentraland. The land can be used to be an exclusive club/lounge for holders. The Hazy Honey Badgerz NFT can act as the key to the Hazy Honey Badgerz metaverse in which holders can interact with each other. In the future, what the land will be used for will be up to the holders to decide on. 

Our team believes that collaboration will be an integral part of this project's success. The community will have the opportunity to point where they want this project to head. For example, the community might want mutant or 3D variations of their Hazy Honey Badger. The Hazy Honey Badgerz Team will do all possible to ensure the project's success.