About the Mint

There will only be 2,222 unique Hazy Honey Badgerz available to mint on March 1st, 2022 at 5 p.m. UTC, on https://monkelabs.io/. As a team we decided that 1 SOL will be the minting price, we believe that this is the best price in which we can take the project in the right direction. LINK WILL BE AVAILABLE THROUGH DISCORD AND TWITTER TO MINT

How to Mint

  1. Create either a Coinbase account, FTX.US account, or another platform in which you can buy and send Solana to a wallet.

  2. Either download the “Phantom” or “Solflare” wallet extension on Google Chrome.  (We recommend Phantom)

  3. Create a wallet, write down the seed phrase, and store the seed phrase somewhere safe. *Warning* Never share your seed phrase with anyone. We will never ask for it. 

  4. Create a Password for the Wallet.

  5. Go to https://monkelabs.io/ create an account on their platform.

  6. On March 1st at 5 P.M. UTC go to https://monkelabs.io/ and find the Hazy Honey Badgerz project and GO TO OUR OFFICIAL TWITTER OR DISCORD PAGE TO MINT!

  7. Congratulations! You are a part of the Hazy Honey Badgerz Community.